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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Longest day.....

You'd hardly know it from the overcast, thunderstormy day we're having in west Florida, but it is the longest day of the year. My activity for y'all is to choose... giving you three "summertime" videos from 3 different eras. Which do you prefer?

From 2006, 2 greats in jazz:

BASED ON THE POLL I RAN... George Benson and Jill Scott with "Summertime" won by a landslide. (1 vote). I eliminated the other 2 and the poll, in the interests of conservation of internet space. Quid 6/28


Pam said...

Hands down, Bon Jovi! I'm a HUGE fan! Always have been!

TedF said...

Roger (scat-singing)Miller gets my vote, which shouldn't surprise you. And it probably won't surprise you that I read Ray Carver's A NEW PATH TO THE WATERFALL last winter. This volume of poetry was written while Carver was dying of lung cancer, was edited by Tess G., and includes lengthy intros and forewords by Tess. In addition, while working in Eastern MT during all of April and early May this Spring of '08, I just read Carver's CALL IF YOU NEED ME--a volume of essays and prose which includes several posthumously published and previously unpublished short stories. Ray Carver and Roger Miller both wrote (and performed) with an edge that is hard to find in many of today's writers and troubadours. Kudos to Quido for including both (Ray and Roger) in her blog. And, nice blog, Lynnie. Your old friend, TedF

quid said...

Somehow, worlds away, I'm not surprised we love the same poets, Ted.


Kelly said...

No question about it.... out of those three, I voted for George Benson!