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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Grave HAS GOT TO GO.

So, the real estate market sucks. Nobody's buying houses, and the ones that do sell are deep discounted or slightly wrecked from a foreclosure experience. You think that's bad? Talk to a cemetery....

Excerpt from yesterday's Tampa Tribune....


Forget burial. Who needs it? More and more Floridians are selling their gravesites and choosing cremation. The economy's just that bad.

Linda Ledesma has joined a small but growing number of people who are selling unwanted cemetery plots. The trend is particularly pronounced in Florida and Texas, that have drawn millions of retirees who have grown more accepting of cremation (editorial comment: About time! Our old European funeral/burial customs are bizarre!) ... others say they'd rather have the money now, to buy gas and insurance and worry about their final resting place later.....

The article goes on to say that it is definitely NOT a sellers market... so perhaps these unwanted and unused plots will be Florida's "greenspace" in decades to come. Macabre, yes. One plot had a sign saying "For Sale By Owner. Never Used.". Love that burial humor.

Florida. It's a trip.



Pam said...

I'm into cremation, myself. It's the way I intend to go. Just haven't decided where I want to be scattered! LOL!

On the other hand, I threaten Jim and Trish that I'll either be equally divided between urns to place on their mantles or I'll request to be stuffed by a Taxidermist and they can share custody of the perfectly preserved Pam. :)

Talk about macabre!!

Kelly said...

Yep...I'm for cremation, too. In fact, I devoted an entire blog entry at 360 to the details for scattering my ashes. (maybe I should post it again here)

I'm all for planning ahead, whether my family members think it's a macabre subject or not!

quid said...

Well, I never plan ahead. But I trust Pam and Kelly. So, you guys decide where my ashes will be scattered. I'm having a new will drawn up in the 4th quarter. Just let me know, and I'll incoporate it!