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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Plastic is a 4 letter word.....

Everyone on earth should see this. It's that important. Send it on if you agree... (Once in the slide show, use the bar on the right side of the screen to scroll through)


Kelly said...

Wow! That's rather sobering.

I tried using cloth for awhile about 15 years ago, but sheer volume of my purchases made it difficult. At least I do try to recycle the ones I have!

Pam said...

It is sobering. Like Kelly, the amount of things I purchase at one time make it virtually impossible to do cloth.

What I do at Wal-Mart is do the self-check and only bag what I have to. I also save most of the bags for things like waste basket liners and bags for scooping poop.

I also keep some in my car and put them in the places that some groceries have to recycle the bags.

Donna said...

I'm convinced. I agree it's tough with a lot of things to buy, and I may not always have one with me, but I'm going to make an effort.

quid said...

I never thought I would do so, but of course it helps to live alone. 2 green bags just about do it for me for most trips to the grocery store or Target.