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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Give it up. Just pretend you didn't say it.

September 21, 2007, 1:44 pm
The Bridge to Nowhere Gets Nowhere
By Patrick J. Lyons
Not coming soon: The bridge would have linked Ketchikan (in the foreground) with Gravina Island (in the distance) across the two channels of the Tongass Narrows and Pennock Island in between. That’s the airport runway just beyond the water on the far right. (Photo by Associated Press for The New York Times)

Word is on the wires that the State of Alaska has officially abandoned the $398 million project to build a bridge between Ketchikan, pop. 7,500, and nearby Gravina Island, where the town’s airstrip is located.
The project had become a symbol of budgetary pork, derided as the “bridge to nowhere” because Gravina Island has only a handful of residents and the cost of building the bridge seemed to many to be grossly out of proportion to its benefits. Critics howled after Senator Ted Stevens and Congressman Don Young, both Republicans, managed to get more than $200 million in federal money “earmarked” specifically for the bridge, as a stipulation tacked on to broader legislation with little or no debate.
Mounting public outrage over pork in general and the bridge in particular led Congress to strip the earmark out again; though Alaska still got the money, it was allowed to put it to any appropriate use. Sure enough, it did, leaving the financing for the Ketchikan project about $329 million shy of a bridge’s worth, Governor Sarah Palin (also a Republican) said today, adding that she has told the state transportation department to find a “fiscally responsible” alternative for easing access to the airport.





WALL ST JOURNAL - 9/9/2008:

But Gov. Palin's claim comes with a serious caveat. She endorsed the multimillion dollar project during her gubernatorial race in 2006. And while she did take part in stopping the project after it became a national scandal, she did not return the federal money. She just allocated it elsewhere.



Algernon said...

It's amazing. She is on tape, accessible to anyone with an internet connection, proudly defending the Bridge not so long ago, and on tape again more recently pretending she opposed it all along.

It's a proven lie. And it doesn't seem to matter.

quid said...

There really is NO such thing as a pathological liar, Algie.

Those that used to be painted with that brush are simply obsessive compulsives who were obsessive about lying.

I'm thinking she fits the mold.

Honestly, how many more times will her McCain handlers let her say it?

Right of Center said...

And why will Obama get away with the 'lipstick' and the 'pig' comment...come on, everyone speaks in 'double' toungues,, we all have at some time..

quid said...


Having been called on the remark, you won't see Obama repeat it.

How do you repeat a lie to a large crowd 7 times in the space of less than 2 weeks. Oh yeah... you just don't have anything else to say.

Donna said...

Obama's lipstick comment hardly compares to anyone lying over and over again. He should have said, "if you put a tuxedo on a pig..." Everyone happy? Bottom line - that's the worst they've got! They're pointing fingers and screaming about lipstick as if he lied about a bridge to nowhere, and selling a jet on eBay. HEL-LO??

Kelly said...

Let's see.... didn't Biden admit to plagiarism?

They've all got skeletons.

Bob said...

And anything can be twisted. They have all changed positions from time to time. Did you see Obama's interview with Bill O'Reilly where he admitted the success of the troop surge in Iraq -- something like "beyond our wildest expectations"?

I don't envy any of them having everything they say, and everything they have ever done, under a microscope. God forbid it ever happens to me.

Don't care what anyone says, I still think Sarah's the real deal and I am pulling for her. She did great in the Charlie Gibson interview and he was very fair to her. That's all we can/should ask of anyone and the media OWES that to all of us.

Dee Dee Myers, an old Clinton croney, in a post-interview interview with George Stephanopoulis (don't expect me to spell his name right) commented on how she reached out to the other side with her position on abortion -- she is pro-life but is willing to work with the pro-choices on working to reduce all abortions. Refreshing.

And I totally agree that Obama is wishing with all he's got that he had picked Hillary.

quid said...

Just 16 days later...from Bob's comment...things change.

I never thought Obama would regret not picking Hilary. I think she will have an important role in the next 4 years. I don't know if it will be judiciary or cabinet, but I think she will have a place. The VP and partner was not the place...not for Obama to offer, and Hillary would not have accepted, anyway.

I did think that McCain would regret Sarah Palin. And now, just 16 days later, a portion of the party are trying to pressure her to step down.

They should have listened to me. :)