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Sunday, September 7, 2008


It's odd how some visual can spark a memory with me... in this case, the oversize pearl necklaces worn by Cindy McCain during the RNC last week. I have a beautiful strand of normal size pearls that I treasure, but haven't worn in years. They were an 80's thing. Cindy looks like she loves hers, and loves the ostentatious large size of pearls. Not for me.

Anyway, for a long time, I've written for a site called Pearlsoup. Although I visit from time to time, I've left Pearlsoup and taken most of my writings down after about a 5+ year of biding time in the community. I'll admit that I gave up on ever being able to have a site where people agreed to disagree with respect; and that the most virulent of the disrespectful people there stalked, goaded, and finally ended my continuous presence there.

Struck by both thoughts, I remembered a small poem that I loved writing that used the lovely word "pearl", and went it search of it today. I entered it in a women's poetry contest in 2005 and won an honorable mention. Once I knew the outcome, I was free to post it anywhere else, but I don't remember ever doing so... and FOUND, it is here again:

Strung Like Pearls

Strung like pearls, they shine
Luster catching light…
Your words woven freely together
A gift to me, your poetry.

I wonder if I’m worthy
And then I know that it is more than that.
Inspiration, I just may be;
The prize that helped you find your voice again.

May it never be silenced.

Enjoy. I was happy to find it again.


Kelly said...

This is beautiful!

I'm so glad that you were reminded of it and chose to share it with us here.

Donna said...

Wow! I love it. It leaves me wanting to know more.


Pam said...

Yes, simply beautiful! Evocative and lyrical.

I love this!!!

Bob said...

Beautiful! Made me realize I do at times miss Pearl Soup but my favorite people from there followed me to my blog. I like this a lot better.

Serena Joy said...

Lovely! I've been privileged to read some of your poetry and you are truly a gifted poet.