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Saturday, September 27, 2008


"But if you're looking for a grumpy, sarcastic put-down artist as president, your choice is quite clear."

-- Joan Walsh


Pam said...

Well, I watched and thought it was pretty much of a draw. Seems most of the pundits did, too.

But, because McCain didn't hit it out of the park, seems the tie goes to Obama.

I think this past week, not to mention the House Republicans have just put the final stamp of defeat on McCain's forehead.

Both of them hemmed and hawed around the economic meltdown issue. I doubt they had much of a clue what to do about it.

And, as usual, Washington quibbles while American burns.

Wish we could do a clean sweep and start over with the entire Washington lot!

Donna said...

Look at that face! LOL!

I'm giving the debate to Obama, but time will tell. There are more debates ahead.

Oh boy, I wonder what we'll be saying Friday morning!

McCain continues to make bad judgments with little thought - choosing Palin, saying he won't debate, then he did ... it looks so bad. Blink for God's sake, BLINK!

quid said...

Whether it was a draw, or not (pundits are pretty universal on the draw, contrasting to the polls by CNN, CBS and even the Fox focus group) which all found Obama a big winner. The reason is, the view is that Obama won on the economy and Iraq....McCain won on other issues. But the polls care mostly about the economy and Iraq....and that's why the voters feel that Obama had a clear edge...that, and the fact that McCain lied when he said he wasn't participating.

We'll see in the national polls next week....methinks Obama will gain ground.

Donna said...

What other issues? There were other issues? Get out!

Algernon said...

There was a draw? There was a debate?

We don't have debates. We just have free campaign infomercials in which the candidates recite from their well-rehearsed scripts, and the press humbly fellates them - um, I mean, thanks them for their time.

And, of course, only the two national parties participate because I guess they're the only parties competent enough to lead.


Thus I have heard, for the Buddha speaks to me: the whole thing is bullshit. Vote for the actor of your choice.

Algernon said...

(Yes, I did watch the 'debate.')