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Saturday, September 6, 2008


Your Superhero Name Generator is

The Irresistible Phantom

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Not sure where the "Phantom" comes in. I am, however, (blushes)quite certain that I am irresistible.


Donna said...

Quid, there is no doubt that you are irresistible!

Here's mine -

Your Superhero Name Generator is

The Invincible Albino

I think my Albino makes as much sense as your Phantom. LOL!

Algernon said...

The (something) enigma - I can't believe I already forgot what adjective I got.

Pam said...

Here we go...I'm a real bad ass!

Superhero Name Generator

Your Superhero Name Generator is

The Awesome Samurai

quid said...

Donna .... but you are Invincible!

Algernon.... no one, but no one, forgets their adjective! I love the enigma part, though.

Pamel... you fit the Awesome Samurai like hand to glove.


Kelly said...

Well, Donna... we must be kin. I'm the Extraordinary Albino!

I'd rather be Alg's enigma!


Kelly said...

Oh...and Pamel... do you remember "Samurai Pamel"??? Think back to my kitchen, the topknot, well.... call me if you want more details. LOL!

Pam said...

LOL!!! I remember! My hair was growing out a bit and I did the top knot thing! ahahaha

I also watched your daughter's Samurai Girl mini-series last night!

Right of Center said...

The Astonishing Phantom...

So what does that mean????