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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Caroline Kennedy is a beautiful, talented and seemingly compassionate woman. I'm excited that she has made up her mind to enter the political arena, because I'd like to see what she has to contribute to the public good.

She should not be appointed to the Senate.

I hope that she still is interested and will create an interesting election possibility in 2010 for this chair, against whoever Governor Paterson decides to nominate. In the ensuing 2 years, I'd like to see her appointed to a position where she can work towards this end. Her support and friendship with President Obama should allow this to happen.

I think Caroline's bid for the nomination was ill-advised, bringing much bad press to someone who has graced the national scene with her presence for many years, and contributed hugely to both non-profit and educational enterprise. It felt, to the public at large, that she was using wealth and influence to obtain an objective that someone who has already demonstrated legislative talent should be given.


Pam said...

I agree...she shouldn't be appointed. She should wait and run when the seat is next open to the electorate.

Appointing her leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

She also needs to learn to speak without the incessant use of "you know". It grates.

quid said...

Pam... you know, I think you're, you know, right!

Algernon said...

I concur. The mystery to me is, why she would want her entry into politics to be via appointment anyway.