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Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Little Pearlsoup Reminiscence

Many of the people who follow my blog met me on Pearlsoup, the now departed, inspirational writing site for would-be writers (and poets!). Here's a snippet I saved, that I call "The Soup Kids", from a discussion about some of our kids' "darndest remarks and funny behaviors". Add your own in the comments section:


My daughter says that our cat has a great sense of huuuuuuuperty. (She holds out that "u" when she says the word. Its really cute) She says that huuuuuperty is a combination of a sense of humor and personality.


~~When my oldest grandson was little he once announced to me that "French fries have hot breath".
~~Connor asks for a 'tennis shoe' instead of a 'Kleenex tissue' to blow his nose. Sam asked for a 'tuna fish' the other day to blow his.

~~Sam also likes to loudly ( in public ) discuss the 'Star Whores' ( Star Wars ) movie.

~~When I was little one of my cousins would put a flag with his name on it on the piece of fried chicken he wanted at family functions where chicken was served.

Connor told me that camels live in Jesus Land. Any place in the desert he calls Jesus Land. He also wanted to know if, when he died and went to Heaven, if he would fall off his cloud.


He went in and out several times and the banging door was seriously trying my patience. I finally said, "Brian, if you let that door bang one more time, you will come in the house for the rest of the day"!

On another trip outside, there banged the door. Before I could say anything, I saw his sorrowful, little face at the screen. "I couldn't help it, Mommy, I was full of hands".


My oldest, Chelsea, when she was about two, came running out of her little bedroom, hugged tight on my leg and goes, "Mommy! Mommy! There's a CROTCHROACH! in my bedwoom!


I loved my little brother saying "psghetti" and I loved that he would always have a big bowl of cold cereal, sugar it, and never add milk. Then he'd crunch his way with a spoon to the bottom of the bowl and the sugar would all(it all floated to the bottom) get tossed. Why did he put it on???

I loved my little daughter's name for herself. She used to say..."I am the Queen of Deen". We don't know what Deen was. Neither did she. She just wanted to be the ruler of something!

My son't favorite story was to hear me recite all the different cars, in order, his dad and I had had in our lives, what color they were, why we traded them.(e.g. "When we were going to have a baby we traded mommy's yellow Firebird for a little brown Chevy station wagon. Mommy didn't feel glamorous in the station wagon, so we traded it for a four door gray New Yorker that had leather seats. Mommy didn't realize how hard children would be on leather, so we traded it for the big white and blue van. You, know, the one we use to transport your baseball team to games"....etc.)


Algernon said...

Mine isn't talking yet, but I enjoyed these and enjoyed remembering PearlSoup at its best.

Pam said...

Ah, I remember this discussion.

I've got a few new ones to add to the collection.

Sam said he wished we lived in a "Camelot" ( cull-de-sac ).

Also, instead of being transferred from his mom's bed to his after he falls asleep, he gets "transified".

Kids are priceless!!

Hal Johnson said...

Fun post. I always tried to focus on the positive in PearlSoup while bypassing the negative. I miss it.

Bob said...

I miss PS too. There were some real characters there -- some rememberable, some we would rather forget. Blogging provides us a more "controlled environment" if you will. These are funny.

Anonymous said...


I, too enjoyed to read these funny discussions again.