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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Awhile back... I gave this a shot....

I'm no Sharon Olds when it comes to erotic poetry...(see prior post), but I kind of liked the imagery:


When the night surrendered


to the soft shafts of dawn

streaking up through the cloak

of velvet darkness;

Then the power of the two

…merging, blending together

speaking sensually, senselessly,

without the need for words of

need and fear and longing.

Their voices, in tune…

And, as quickly as what would be done, began…

it finished, fading…

With one, rising, giving strength to day

And one, slumbering, dreaming of

Their coupling when dusk will come again.

Astral tango.
Crazy quote from the "Margaret and Helen" blog...completely unconnected to this post, but it tickled my funny bone":.....
"Honestly Margaret, I cannot believe that Susan Boyle went undiscovered for 47 years but that crazy Celine Dion has been wailing away for decades making millions. "


Pam said...

Love the poem!! It was a GOOD shot!

As for the newly-discovered singing sensation...what a magnificient instrument she has!!

Celine might be crazy, but I still think she's got good pipes.

Kelly said...

I think it's a very good poem!

I was bragging on my "poet friends/family" to the woman in the bookstore today. As I checked out I told her the poets I knew were as good as any of the ones in the books I was buying!