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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poet Sharon Olds

I'm pretty taken with semi-erotic poetry, for the most part. Poets aren't like romance novels...they leave a lot to the imagination. :)

Ms. Pam introduced me to Sharon Olds..... she writes all types of poetry, but really has a touch with the semi-erotic.

From Pam's blog, earlier this month .... Old's "The Talk"

From Marion's blog, just yesterday .... Old's "The Promise"

And, My Favorite: ..... Old's "Topography"


After we flew across the country we

got in bed, laid our bodies

delicately together, like maps laid

face to face, East to West, my

San Francisco against your New York, your

Fire Island against my Sonoma, my

New Orleans deep in your Texas, my Idaho

bright on my Great Lakes, my Kansas

burning against your Kansas your Kansas

burning against my Kansas, your Eastern

Standard Time pressing into my

Pacific Time, my Mountain Time

beating against your Central Time, your

sun rising swiftly from the right my

sun rising swiftly from the left your

moon rising slowly from the left my

moon rising slowly from the right until

all four bodies of the sky

burn above us, sealing us together,

all our cities twin cities,

all our states united, one

nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

~Sharon Olds (poet extraordinaire)

Whew! All of those who have been reading, dial it down. Breathe deep. This poem is for lovers of geography and, well, lovers.


Marion said...

You're right. I'm fanning my face with a piece of paper. Phew!

Pam said...

Great!!! OK, I'll dial it in a different direction. With Olds and Sexton.

Kelly said...

Ooooo, I like this one!! (ahem. for the geography, mind you)