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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Love and War

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have created volumes of poetry...with more to come. Much is being written by soldiers. My own sentimentality mixes with anger at the length of time some have had to serve in Iraq.....

This is a poem by a poet known only as "Lucy"... I can only hope her loved one comes home again.

Still I Remain

Who is this man,

that can pull a trigger,

and end a life without so much as

the quickening of his heartbeat?

What do his hands grasp now I wonder?

Cold metal, a Commando dagger,

whilst the memory of his soft touch,

still aches on the surface of my skin.


I may not know who he is, but my heart does.

It shouts his name with every beat,

and grieves every second that we’re parted.

It knows every inch of his skin,

and can see the edges of his soul.

Each beat a metronome counting,

the moments until he’s safe in my arms.


I didn’t know that fear like this was possible.

But it has become my everyday companion.

I’m waiting for him alone in the darkness,

like a princess locked in a tower,

whilst I spin my fear into hope and,

my love and prayers into a suit of armour,

to keep him safe. Still I remain.

February 2009