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Monday, April 20, 2009

Yes, we can

We had one of those endless arguments on Pearlsoup about the issues in some of the Southern states where gay couples were not allowed to adopt children who needed them. I figured it to be a good time for "poetry as argument".

It Is The 21st Century

Families come in all shapes
And sizes.

What is right for you may not be
Fitting for me.

Open minds and hearts.
Synergy in sharing lives together.

There is no magic formula
No guarantee of happiness –

We aren’t placed in this world or the next
With a divine plan.

It is ours to make what we can
Of life and love. Of family.

Don’t tell me you are better
Equipped to raise your children than I am.

What we do in life is a measure of
Who we are inside, and not our demo-

Whether I am man or woman
Married or single
Young or old
Black or white or any shade at all.

Get it?

Quidrock 2003


Pam said...

Love it, and couldn't agree more!

Kelly said...

I really like what you've said here and how you said it.


Algernon said...

Right on.