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Monday, April 20, 2009



Inspired by Ms. Marion, I built a song playlist at the bottom of the page!!! Check it out!


Pam said...

GREAT choices! I'll have to make one when I have the time. That might be next year at the rate I'm going....*sigh*

Marion said...

Fun! You have some super songs. I like to change mine ever so often to fit my mood. ;-)

Kelly said...

Although there are a few I'm not fond of, I like most of the songs you have here.

Seeing the Idol names.... are you watching this year?? I hope it comes down to Kris and Adam.

quid said...

Kel--- I'm with you on Kris and Adam. Adam, I guess most, because he's not afraid to be different.

Pammy, if I could make your list and send it to you, you can be sure I would....

ML... I will probably not stop adding, and, who knows, someday I may have a chunk of them that would be about half as much as Kel has on her ipod.

This was so much fun. I needed a break. I had no plan, just wandered aimlessly through names and tunes. :)