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Saturday, May 16, 2009


I've been having some jaw-dropping fun with the remarks of the esteemed governor of Texas, Rick Perry. Now, Perry has had a distinguished political career, and if he can somehow hold on to his fragile grip on the governorship (he won in 2006 with only 39+% of the vote) against what will likely be the formidable Kay Bailey Hutchinson, he will have been the governor who has served Texas for the longest term in history.

He has a nice haircut. He's an Aggie. (He actually was an Aggie Cheerleader :)) ). He had a distinguished military career.

Oh, and Texas? There are few places I like more. Two of my best girlfriends in the world live in Austin and Dallas. I have a great person who works for me in located in North Dallas. I'm enamored of San Antonio and have some wonderful work colleagues there and in Houston. I have fond memories of vacations on the beach at Padre Island. And it's pretty rare to find me rooting for someone else if the Longhorns are in a college football game. (I'll just neglect to mention how I feel about those @#S#$$%^$#!! Cowboys).

I hope that all of those things I love won't mess with me when I poke some fun at the governor's stance on secession. And while I'm laughing about it, let's not forget that what he is advocating could be construed as treason...and the right wing militia-allied group that formed the Independent Republic of Texas in 1997 resulted in violence under leader Richard McLaren.

Anyhow, here's the salvo that Governor Perry fired on April 16, if you haven't already seen it:

And, while Keith Olbermann is a little bit radical himself (on the other side of the coin), his "WTF" feature on Texas succession is pretty funny.... below:


Pam said...

Lately, our esteemed Gov. is a gift that keeps on giving. :)

As for Oberman, well...I got sick of him when he morphed into the anti-O'Reilly. Actually, I used to be a fan of MSNBC until it became the Anti-FOX.

BTW, you mean to say you're NOT a Cowboy's fan???? LOL!! :)

quid said...

Hmmm... from Governor Perry's Op Ed in Austin on Sunday....

"I can't say I was surprised that critics recast my defense of federalism and fiscal discipline into advocacy for secession from the Union. I have never advocated for secession and never will."

Okay, I guess.

Pam said...

Chalk it up to irrational exuberance, perhaps? LOL!