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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hillsborough County copes with H1N1

5 Cases in my county... all mild. This news just broke, and the school district just took action on school closings for tomorrow.

One is an 11 year old child, 4 are under 23-post high school. All have had recent trips to Mexico.

The 11 year old's middle school has been closed, and a high school sister of one of the diagnosed cases is probable... so her high school/middle school campus is closed, as well, for the next week.

Cleaning along the CDC recommended lines began this weekend. Sigh; it will be worth it if we have restricted outbreak.

This should cause a little havoc at work tomorrow... since the connected highschool/middleschool are in a district where many of my workers live, and we might have people wanting/needing time off without it being subject to attendance guidelines. Sort of like in a hurricane emergency. Tough to negotiate for a national company. I'd managed to dodge that bullet for the Carrollton, Texas office, that I now supervise, because the Fort Worth schools that closed last week were so far away.

Looks like I'll be doing some negotiating.


Pam said...

School districts closed all around me. Only one Plano school infected and closed at this time. A middle school close to the elementary school that is still closed in Richardson, TX.

We have all been told we are free to keep our kids out (excused absences) if we aren't comfortable sending them. MY boys will go unless the district or their school is closed.

Lots of washing and cleaning and reinforcing of cleaning at all the schools. We are chuckling at the school where I work that we're more afraid of the recent lice outbreak than the H1N1 virus.

The Dallas news stations all have crawls across the screen during newscasts listing the latest closures and cancellations.

The boys have had their apres-TAKS fun field trips cancelled for now. :(

I fear that we are all "crying wolf" and it's in the fall, if and when this virus comes back with a vengeance, the public will shrug it off as much ado about nothing.

Pam said...

I think I told you that my oldest grandson Bryan goes to the high school in Cibalo, TX. that's been closed for over a week.

Actually, the whole school district has been closed.

Kelly said...

Not any reports in AR that I know of yet. They still think we'll be hit when the migrant workers come in to pick tomatoes next month. We'll see.

Pam said...

Two more Plano ISD schools bit the dust today: Sigler Elementary and Baron Early Childhood School.

I asked a question at my school today that no one seems to know the answer to... What about the substitute teachers at the closed schools? They will, in most cases, go on to sub in other schools in the district.

Seems they are checking on that situation...