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Monday, June 1, 2009

Change in the Weather

After 15 straight days of rain, our last 3 in a row have been a little slice of heaven here on Florida's gulf coast. I think it's raised people's expectations and moods. Today, looking at the blue blue sky, you forget that it's the first day of hurricane season!


Donna said...

Lucky you!! Send it here! We're drenched!

quid said...

Oh noooooooooo!!! Sorry you haven't dried out like we have.

Are the boys home? I'll drop you an email.


Serena said...

We've just come out of a long rainy spell. It was getting OLD. I might wish the rain back, though, after it hits a humid 92 this afternoon. Here's hoping it won't be a bad hurricane season.

Kelly said...

Serena's comment could be my own, so...ditto!

Pam said...

Off and on rain showers here. VERY hot and humid!!

Getting to the oppressive state....