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Monday, July 27, 2009

Blogging VS Social Networking

"A blog lets you define yourself, whereas on a social network you are more likely to be defined by others.
A blog lets you raise your voice without asking anyone's permission, and no one is in a position to tell you to shut up.
It is, as the journalism scholar Jay Rosen puts it, "a little First Amendment machine," an engine of free speech operating powerfully at a fulcrum-point between individual autonomy and the pressures of the group. Blogging uniquely straddles the acts of writing and reading; it can be private and public, solitary and gregarious, in ratios that each practitioner sets for himself.
It is hardly the only way to project yourself onto the Web, and today it is no longer the easiest way. But it remains the most interesting way.
Nothing else so richly combines the invitation to speak your mind with the opportunity to mix it up with other minds."

~Scott Rosenberg


Pam said...

I tend to agree. While I have an facebook page, I rarely visit the site.

I much prefer the blogging format.

Kelly said...

I've never cared anything about the social networking sites, but then I'm not exactly a "social" person.

Out of my three kids, my older daughter (29) probably spends the most time using sites like that. My son (20) doesn't use any at all and my other daughter (21) rarely ever visits her facebook.

To each his own, I guess...

Debby said...

I'm not a social networker, but I love blogging, and the interaction between commenters and bloggers. I love to read others' blogs. I love other people's thoughts. I love the way they open a door into their lives and cheerfully call out 'stop in a minute and let's talk!' It's beautiful, really.

Serena said...

I do both, but I definitely spend more time and effort with the blogging.

Bob said...

My children have STRONGLY discouraged me from Facebook. I am ever grateful to Kelly for introducing me to blogging and, thus, to an array of new friends.

And Kelly, I take issue with you not being "social." I know very few people who are as good as you are about keeping in touch and caring about what's going on with people, both those you have known a long time and not so long. That is very "social" if you ask me. And that is a good thing.

Bob said...

I might add that, although my kids have discouraged me from having a facebook page, they ALL read my blog! I guess they're OK as long as I know my place! :-)