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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let's Hope This Isn't Just A Fad

Let me incur your wrath by saying I don't hold much stock in the need for a high-price wedding.
I just think it is all way, way, way out of control... in the money that is spent, the time and effort expended and the thought that it is absolutely necessary. I'm all for simplicity and creativity in the ceremony by which two are married. (Perhaps that is because I've been in 17 weddings in my lifetime....!)

There was a funny show about getting creative with your first dance at the wedding reception/dance. It was called "Rock the Reception". People arranged to have Emmy nominated choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha D'Umo choreograph their wedding party for the first dance. Some fun clips from that:

Running with that idea, apparently choreographers and dance teachers all over the US have been getting gigs to make weddings more creative. Not just the reception, mind you.
Take a look at this (hope you enjoy it as much as I did!):


Kelly said...

Hey, I've always been one that thinks money spent on a big wedding is wasted money. But what do you expect from someone who basically eloped (and never regretted it)?

These are fun clips!

Marion said...

I saw this at another friend's blog and it had me literally laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair. And it looks like they're having a blast! (And as Whoopi Goldberg would say, white folks sho' can't dance, though! LOL!)

My wedding cost about $75. $25 was for the blood tests to get the marriage license (we borrowed it from my big brother) and the rest for the beautiufl white brocade material for my mini-dress which I made. Ray borrowed a suit and tie from a friend. Tee-Hee. I have to laugh about it now, 37 years later!!! Some people spend more money for their weddings then we spent for our home! It's nuts!!!!

Pam said...

I had a small wedding, as weddings go. It was small but special. Only lasted 17 years, but, the wedding was beautiful.

I agree on the cost and the huge wedding thing. I always enjoy reading all the wedding news in the DMN on Sunday and some of them are mind-boggling in the excess!

I can think of better uses for the money.

Hal Johnson said...

Well, I'm a guy, so maybe it goes without saying that I don't see much sense in big, lavish weddings. It seems that to often the wedding gets more emphasis than the reason the wedding is happening in the first place. And maybe it's just me, but it seems to me that most couples I've known who've made a real go of it had small weddings, while those who had lavish weddings crashed and burned after a few scant years. Or months.

Bob said...

I will weigh in here by saying that, "TO EACH HIS OWN."

To me it's all about celebrating. If/when my children get married, I hope they'll want me there. I will pay what I can for rehearsal dinner, reception, whatever. Believe me, it will not be money wasted.

If they want to elope, that's fine too, or if they want something small or lartge, it really doesn't matter. But I plan to celebrate with them if they'll have me.