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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just One of Many Causes - RIP Ted Kennedy

“Every education bill, every labor bill that has been taken up by the US Senate—Ted Kennedy has spent hours on the floor of the US Senate passionately and articulately promoting the right cause of action whether or not his position was popular at the time or shared by the majority of his colleagues. There has been no more faithful champion of the poor, of working families, of all those who depend on essential government services and the positive roll that the government can and should play, than Senator Edward Kennedy.”

Ed McElroy, American Federation of Teachers
Convention, Boston July 21, 2006


Pam said...

Sad, but not unexpected. Only one of the 9 siblings left.

He was the true "Liberal Lion" in the Senate. Never shy about fighting for his causes.

Can't say I agreed with his politics, but he will be missed by family, friends and his colleagues.

Serena said...

It's the end of a dynasty. I don't think any of the younger generation have the charisma. John, Jr., had it; how tragic that he was taken so young.

Bob said...

He served his country with distinction.