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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Brett showed up at Lambeau field today in a purple jersey. Although he was boo-ed heartily when he came out to practice, and again when he ran out on the field at the game's beginning, the "everybody stand up and boo" din was reserved for when he came out to run the offense for the first time. And the celebration when he fumbled the snap of the ball down around his own 5 yard line was pretty jarring, too.

Still and all, he'll probably have the last laugh. Right now, he's ahead 31-26.

But I'd still like him to rot in hell. Now he's taken his ego to my beloved Minnesota. Sigh.


Donna said...

Excuse me? You want him to rot in hell? Seriously? Is this because he didn't want to retire, or because he has a big ego? Or both? Your beloved Minnesota is 7 - 1. I'm not so sure he doesn't deserve the ego, and I can't even say I'm a fan.

I vehemently object to an attitude of "you didn't live up to my standards, therefore you should rot in hell." That attitude seems to be growing in this country, whether it's football, politics, or whatever. What I dislike even more is that people with this attitude take pleasure in other people's misfortune and/or pain. If he were truly injured everyone would have done a happy dance.

And you think Brett Farve has a big ego???

Quid, I love you, but I think your perspective and attitude are way off on this.

quid said...

Perspective? Attitude? DS, when it comes to football, only one thing counts for true greatness.

It's not stats. It's not even Super Bowl rings. When the day is done, did the man put the TEAM first?

Or, did he arrange to be delivered to a separate practice wing, with an isolated office, joining the team for practice only when the cameras were there? Can you say prima donna? Can you say take the city of Green Bay, the state of Wisconsin and the football heartland of America and grind it under your feet while you sulk your way off to the big Apple, only to piss people off on the East coast before you arrange to go back to the one place where you can thumb your nose at your lifelong fans for all time. This guy never knew the meaning of the word "Team". He can't think past the word "Superstar".

Do ya think I hate this guy? The man who "un-retired" twice, screwing his old team in the process?

The penultimate remark about Favre?

"When Favre un-retired for the second time, some in the sports world claimed his legacy as a football player has become overshadowed by his need for attention."

And, the ultimate insult. One of the truly great players of all time in Minnesota is Jim Marshall. Marshall's legend was his record of 270 consecutive starts. Of course, Marshall did it in one position, with one team, during seasons that only lasted 12 games.

During Week 2, on September 20, Favre stole that damn record away from Jim Marshall, and, while that's perfectly fine for the NFL record, he took the Vikings record away from the beloved Marshall, but in only game 2 that he ever played for Minnesota.

It's all about records. It's all about Brett. His misfortune? His pain? I don't see where he's got that, and if he does, its because he's playing after he lost most of his marbles in one too many concussions. Do I want him injured? No. I'll do a happy dance when he SITS DOWN. SHUTS UP. AND GOES AWAY, HIS LEGEND TARNISHED.


Debby said...

Glad you're not bitter about things, Quid.


Donna said...

Debby ... LOL!!!

Okay, but Quid, you just proved my point ... and missed it - all at the same time.

I have no objection to you disliking him, disagreeing with his choices, despising his lack of professionalism, and I do honestly think his need for attention is very unhealthy, which means his focus will ALWAYS be on himself above all else. Expect it in everything he does.

Who he is pisses you off. That is not a crime. HOWEVER - you want him to rot in hell because he pisses you off! And you think Brett Farve has a big ego????

Speaking generally (and not about you specifically) - it's an attitude of "I'm so damn important that people who piss me off deserve to be punished." I am hearing this attitude easily expressed without a moments thought to what is really being said. And unfortunately the attitude festers from there.

That's my point. As I said to you this morning, if you want to pick someone to rot in hell - pick Bernie Madoff.

It's all perspective, grasshopper.