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Monday, November 2, 2009

Off to Miami....

I'm off to Miami tomorrow, returning Wednesday night.

I'd love to tell you I'm going to enjoy some of the marvelous night life, see friends there.

Sadly, no. I've been shanghaiied into doing some government health fairs, and I'll spend nearly 20 of the next 48 hours talking about Federal health plans at a dreary venue. Still, I miss selling employee benefits, and it will be good to get away from Tampa, where all hell has been breaking loose at work, lately. Wonder if I'll get any Cuban food?


Serena said...

Have a great trip! And be sure to set aside some time for a little fun.

Donna said...

I would have gladly met you for five minutes before you boarded your plane. Lucky, lucky me ... I had 30 minutes with you! :)

I love you, Quid!!

quid said...

My trip was great! Got to see Donna (we joked about spilling blood over Bret Favre) when the darling lady sought me out at the Ft Lauderdale airport, even though we only had 1/2 hour together.

Those margaritas and that conversation both went down smoothly!

I love, love, love and really miss selling. I guess I still sell a lot in the recruiting aspects of my job, but being at the Miami TSA and giving all those young people the reasons why they should choose their healthcare strategically was great. The program manager, Rita, even took me to the legendary Cuban cafe (kind of a "deli"), the Versailles, in the Calle Ocho neighborhood. I had a fabulous boliche entree. Can't wait to go back.

The Versailles: