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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today in our part of Florida, we had the "Great American Teach In".... adults from all walks of life go into classrooms across the county and teach students about the type of work they do. From bakers to helicopter pilots to radio DJ's ... it's a great day. I haven't participated in the last 7 years and I have to remember to put it on next year's calendar!!

And tomorrow is... the Great American Smokeout! I spent the day with someone from another part of the company that has smoked for 34 years, and just quit one week ago.

Good luck, Mayra! I hope you break free for good!


Anonymous said...


Glad to see you posting again and I could hear in your enthusiastic words how inspirational the "Great American Teach-In" has been to you. From what you said in your post, I like the concept of sharing with- and learning from many different people of all ages. It's building bridges between them.

Also, wishing Mayra good luck with her resolve to quit smoking.


Marion said...

Sounds like it was a great, inspiring day. Yes, teaching is greatly undervalued in our society, unfortunately. I'm so proud that my two daughters chose to be teachers. Love & Blessings.

Kelly said...

The Great American Teach-In sounds like a wonderful program!!

As for the smoking... good for anyone who gives it up!!! I only smoked for 10 years, but that was 10 too many!! Nasty habit!!

Bob said...

Two great causes!