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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feels like a poetry day --

It was warm and about 80 degrees today. Little humidity, nice breeze. Not necessarily what I was looking for in November, but pleasant, nevertheless. The Bucs finally won in their old creamsicle uniforms with a rookie quarterback that I thought would be a dud. Will wonders never cease. A poetry day, but I confess that I'm tapped out. Something from 2006, Number 8 in my "Warm" poem series:

Laugh With Abandon

Laugh with abandon
Warm my heart
Let the timbre of your laughter
Tell me you are well, you are safe,
You are mine.

Stop and smell the flowers
Tell me a joke
Keep your sense of humor strong
Make me laugh out loud and you'll know
You are mine.

Take joy from your surroundings
Make me smile
Let the simple pleasures of your days
Overcome the sadness; tell me
You are mine.

Stop in the middle of the day
To muse, remember
That the laughter we share
Can energize us both, can express that
I am yours.

Still and all, we've got Ida lurking in the gulf. Who knows how my mood might change in a day or two?


Kelly said...

Ah, Quid.... how I love your "Warm" poetry!

Hope Ida doesn't give you any trouble!!

raven said...


Glad to see this warm poem!
Which is a lovely way to start my Tuesday morning.

I am with Kelly in regard with what she said to Ida.

I am off now to work.

Serena said...

Beautiful! We're getting some rain from Ida (like 3 days worth before it ends), but it's okay.

Marion said...

I firmly believe that laughter is more healing than drugs. Nice, heartwarming poem, Quid! Blessings.