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Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Thanks to Cara Powers (and Kelly for the lead) for creating FreeVerse to link to. Today I revive a form that vintage, that I really love; it is the triolet.

The Triolet ("triplet"), a French verse form, is a poem or a stanza of eight lines that include two rhymes and two refrains. One refrain is the repetition of the first line at the fourth line and the seventh line; this triple appearance of one line gives the Triolet its name.

My triolet today was written when I was anguishing over the happenings at Gitmo. Today, I think the same poem expresses my feelings as I watch the coverage of the devastation in Haiti, particularly since I heard a lot of insensitivity for their plight in my ordinary life today. How can people compare our level of suffering to theirs?

Here it is:

Fires of Outrage

Fires of outrage
Kindled in the shadow of apathy
Of those who stand idly by, watching as the world tips, then tumbles.
Fires of outrage
Self-inflicted despair dancing with irony
Cursing ourselves for seeking hope; a thing of the past.
Fires of outrage
Kindled in the shadow of apathy.


Kelly said...

This is good, Quid!

Now you need to go put the link to this post at Cara's blog using "Mr. Linky" on her FreeVerse entry yesterday.

quid said...

I think I did. Check and tell me if you can access it.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this excellent and heartfelt post (and I remember the poem).

I wholeheartedly share your feelings about the insensitivity which you encountered towards the devastation caused by the earthquake and extreme suffering of the people in Haiti.
They are in my thoughts and heart.

Debby said...

Hey! Cara's my kid!

Debby said...

Oooh. Hey. Different Cara Powers. How funny is that?

quid said...


You'll have to show your Cara the link! Small world!


How good to hear from you and I'm not surprised we are both devastated by what is happening to those poor people.