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Thursday, January 7, 2010



Good guy Mack Brown needs to take this thing away from the SEC....especially the evil Commander, rotten traitor Nick Saban.

11:45 p.m. .....

I've been up to no good this week, since I got accepted at tax school. What a bummer, to have the BCS playout in the evenings, while I am slugging away, trying to understand the Earned Income Credit. More on Tax School later.

I kept calling my "source" for football information at home, watching the game, while I was at school.... and learned that the Longhorns, my pick to win it all before the season started (And I HATE the Tide... I'm sure Bob agrees; primarily due to the existence of Nick. ).... well, they were struggling and Colt was out of the game.

Just like my arrival at mid-game in the Boise-TCU battle, I predicted that my getting home and pasting my baby blues on the big screen would make this otherwise boring BCS Championship, come alive. AND HERE WE ARE!! 5 minutes left and the Longhorns have pulled within three points.

Keep fingers crossed that Quidoluck will help the boys in orange roll over the tide!!!

postscript.... DAMN


Bob said...

Just got up from the TV after Bama scored to put it away. Have to give credit to the young Texas QB who rose to the occasion after Colt McCoy got hurt. You're right -- I have little use for the Tide and Saban. But not surprised by this.

Kelly said...

Okay. You know I'm not much on football. However, I graduated from UT-Knoxville "back in the day" and Alabama was our biggest rival. That alone would push me to cheer on Texas. My husband doesn't watch much football, but we did have the game on last night.

I almost texted you early on to see if you were watching, Quid. Glad now I didn't. I might have gotten a nasty text back considering you were sitting in a classroom, LOL!

Marion said...

I can't stand Saban, either, that traitor. (Good luck in tax school...I feel your pain, girlie). Blessings!