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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hair - mine at it's worst

You know, I believe in self-deprecatory humor, but the picture with this post is downright scary. I reveal my worst hairdo ever, circa 1985.

That's me with my dad about 2 years before his death. After the prompts below, I enclose the story that made me think about hair. Enjoy. And, go ahead, tease me for having my "afro".

This week's prompt is "hair." What are your stories about hair?

Do you remember having it cut at the beauty or barber shop?

Did you ever cut your own hair?

Have you shaved it or colored it or wished it were curly or straight?

Can you tell the story of how it feels to have someone else brush your hair,

or the story of when you cut your own bangs,

or the story of losing your hair to chemotherapy?

What are your stories about hair?

Most Gen X and Y'ers (and those younger) really don't believe we haven't always had "blow dryers". It wasn't until the 70's that they made their appearance, and throughout the 60's ladies who wanted to dry their hair at home had a small machine that sat on a table, and attached to a blow up cap (looked like a beach ball attached to your face) by a hose.

But, pre-dating this old marvel, women and girls pretty much dried their hair with a towel. I remember having long, below the waist hair in the 50's and early 60's. A great pleasure was to sit with my dad (Saturday nights only, otherwise he was working two jobs) and he would towel dry my hair after Saturday night bath. A great memory.

Go ahead. Choose one of the prompts above. Tell me one of your "hair raisers" in the comments below.


Marion said...

Girlfriend, do not feel lonely. In 1985 we ALL had those frizzed out perms. I could post ten pics just like yours! Love the photo, though, of you and your Dad. Girl, I could write a book abour hair and my adventures with different haircuts. Great post! Blessings!!

Kelly said...

What a photo!!! No, really...considering the time frame it's not bad at all. Precious, I know, because it includes your Dad.

My hairdresser will tell you that I'm definitely "challenged" when it comes to hair care. Put anything other than a comb or brush in my hand and I'm a nightmare waiting to happen! I'm very thankful God blessed me with a decent head of hair that has just enough wave and body so that all I have to do is comb it when I get out of the shower. So.... no blow dryers, curling irons, product or any other "hair paraphernalia" for me. Just a visit to the salon for a cut about once a month.

I do remember as a child running around the house on Saturday night (the only night I washed it, back in the day) with a towel pinned around my neck with a diaper pin to keep my long locks from getting my pjs too wet.

Debby said...

Gotta say...just the fact that I now have hair is good enough for me. I don't think about bad hair days anymore. I do remember a few bad 'hairless' days however.

raven said...


I will not tease you. I appreciated your picture in a much different way, because it is nice to see this picture of you with your Dad and your memory of him which you also shared with us is precious.


I have a story about hair too. This happened in 2008. My hair had grown too long, and I looked like Medusa. On 26 december I cut my hair, so that I ended up with a spikey hair-do which was quite uneven. But our hairdresser managed to save it.