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Monday, January 11, 2010


All of her television appearances have been so successful. That is because she is so well prepared and articulate. I do not think that she can be less credible than Glenn Beck. But, I'm sure she will appear so, in any appearance where she is not giving a speech.

Palin signs on with Fox News
By Howard Kurtz

Sarah Palin, who regularly rips the media, is becoming a television pundit at a place where she's likely to feel at home.

A Fox News executive says the network will shortly announce that the former vice-presidential nominee is signing on as a contributor.

Palin, who resigned as governor of Alaska last summer, will appear as a commentator on various Fox shows. She will also host an occasional program that will examine inspirational tales involving ordinary Americans.

Palin will join Mike Huckabee as a Fox contributor who was also involved in the 2008 campaign. The exposure can only help Palin if she decides to pursue a 2012 presidential bid.

At the moment, Palin makes pronouncements mainly through her Facebook page. The Fox connection would give her a platform on the nation's top-rated cable news channel.

Palin is extremely popular with her conservative base, which has fueled the sales of her best-selling memoir. But she is a divisive political figure who not only draws the ire of liberals but some Republicans, including staffers who deal with her during her run as John McCain's running mate. Steve Schmidt, a top McCain strategist, said on "60 Minutes" last night that "there were numerous instances that she said things that were -- that were not accurate that ultimately, the campaign had to deal with."

Hiring Palin could further boost the popularity of Rupert Murdoch's network among conservative viewers. The network already employs former Bush White House aide Karl Rove and former House speaker Newt Gingrich as highly visible commentators.
To Quote Palin: "No, it's God's plan."
(VP Nomination, not Fox News... LOL)


Marion said...

I wish her every success.

Debby said...

Yeah, I'm pretty 'cited too. She's so articulate it makes me chew furniture.

quid said...

I get a hankering for a dog bone whenever I hear her speak, don'tcha know. Actually, she's a pretty good speaker. She just shouldn't write the speeches.

Debby said...

You know Quid, some would say we're jealous of her success. You know, I've been thinking about it, and really, I'm pretty sure that's not my issue with Sarah Palin at all. I'm more inclined to be royally peeved at the fact that this is a stupid, self serving woman who does not appear to be able to think her way out of a cardboard box, that she continues to say assinine things, and that there are people out there who still find her credible. Yeah. Pretty sure that is it.

quid said...

Yo, Deb.

I'm really more pissed about two other things

fact that she's a role model for mothers. If you were 43, had a pregnant 17 year old, a brand new special needs child, and three other kids...would you take on any new assignment that required extensive travel, pressure and spotlight? She asked for people to make fun of her dysfunctional family. She exposed them to critique. She needed to be sheltering them, protecting them as much as possible. Role model? My butt.

-the fact that she openly lies and denies things she has said, on tape, on the record, before. And thinks nothing of calling people she barely is familiar with, names of all kinds. She is like all those mean girls at my high school.

Not for one cotton picking minute would I trade my life for hers.