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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FreeVerse Wednesday

Thanks to Cara of "Oooh, books", for hosting this at Freeverse. Click on the link below for more.



The sullen sky cries for you,
a melody of rain on the roof.
Water will evaporate
and change its form,
the tears I cry
could turn into the drops
that fall softly against your window.
Your crimes,
washed away in the perfect rain.

~Jon Meredith

Jon, I've lost track of you, but your poetry never fails to move me.


Kelly said...

Oh, wow... This one almost seems perfect to me.

I love it!

Jenners said...

Stunning. I love it. And the photo just fits perfectly.

raven said...


Thank you for sharing Jon's excellent poem!

I know that I have said this before: he is such a remarkable poet (and I respect him).


quid said...


and I miss him as well.. lost him in the Pearlsoup demise. I keep thinking about him out there, bumping into one wall after another.