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Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Here! National Poetry Month

The 2010 poster features the lines "We make a dwelling in the evening air, / In which being there together is enough." from Wallace Stevens's poem "Final Soliloquy of the Interior Paramour" The design is by Marian Bantjes.

I had a great time blogging during National Poetry month in April last year. I'm gonna try again...each day a favorite poem; or an original from me.

Can't find or write poetry for every day of the month? Just don't want to?

Well, then, save yourself for : BAD POETRY DAY, AUGUST 18

Dreamed up by Thomas and Ruth Roy, you can find a truly bad poem that someone loves on each and every poetry site. Compose some really rotten verse for this day, rather than post during April. But, this month, come back and find some truly great poetry I'm planning for readers.....


Kelly said...

I do well to post poetry once a week for FreeVerse at Cara's, so I think I'll just treat myself to YOUR poetry posts each day instead. I can usually count on Marion to provide me with poetry most every day, too.

Marion said...

Great post, Quid. Since I have over 300 books of poetry now, I could probably post a poem a day for many, many years if I so desired. LOL! So many poems, so little time.....Love & Blessings & Happy Easter, my friend. xoxo

Anonymous said...


I am really looking forward to the poetry which you will share here on your blog during this month, either by others or yourself!

And best wishes for the Easter weekend.