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Sunday, April 18, 2010

My own poem - Hibiscus Near the Pond

Hibiscus are one of the big advantages of living in Florida... there are not many places in the US where they dot the landscape, but here they are plentiful. I've not had much success growing them, but they inspired this chain of haiku 7 years ago, when I had them in my garden.

Hibiscus Near the Pond

Mirror me in calm
Record my splendid colors
Beauty is doubled.

People pause to look
Enchanted by the blooms and
Sensual fragrance.

Fallen each eve,
The trumpets of my bounty
Are jewels in grass.

Morning unfurls new
Blossoms which will, again
Reflect in water.

Oh! To capture the
Rush of color near the pond
That is hibiscus.

~ quid 2003


Marion said...

I love this poem, Quid. It perfectly captures the ephemeral beauty of the showy Hibiscus. (I can't grow them either, no matter how hard I try, they die!) Love & Blessings!

Kelly said...

A chain of Haiku. How lovely!!

My mother loved Hibiscus trees and grew them in huge planters that she would winter at the nursery.

I got a variety at WalMart one year that wound up a post (rather than the "bush" type I would usually buy) and managed to keep it a couple of years before I killed it. If I can keep the bush type alive all summer I feel like I'm doing well.

My favorite colors are the yellow ones and the peachy/orangy kinds.