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Monday, April 19, 2010

Poetry from my friend, Jon Meredith

Last year, during national poetry month, I chose one of my favorite poems from this man called, "I Am", with this as the quote at the beginning:

"I have met many poets online. I believe in my heart that all poets cannot resist the urge to spill their lives onto paper. They're not writing factually, they're not following established formulas, like in fiction. Normally, they're just bleeding their emotions all over the paper.

Someone that I've lost for now, whose poetry I greatly admire is a young "tragederian" poet from Michigan, Jon Meredith, who writes ghostly poems of love and loss in the aftermath of his divorce and separation from his children. Here is one of Jon's. Jon, wherever you are, I hope you google this and find us all again. But more than that, I hope your life runs smoothly.."

I haven't heard from Jon since then, but here is another beautiful selection from his poetry:



you leave

me breathless

in the lofty heights

of your sky.


I watch you

cross the room

and every motion

is God.


your smile

scorches my resolution

to be anything
but yours.


I tangle

in your tresses,

a scent

finer than prayer.


you are

more beautiful than

the moon on water

in Heaven.


I am

in love with you,

and I will be until

my heart is


~Jon Meredith


Kelly said...


Pam said...

Yep, John has always been one amazing poet! Haven't been in touch with him lately, tho' he did friend me on FB.

Anonymous said...


As you know, I admire Jon's poetry

And this poem is just so beautiful!