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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Lotta Laughs

Unlike my active distaste for all things Sarah Palin, I really find her newest clone, Christine O'Donnell, quite humorous. My favorite serious faux pas by Christine is her filing of the EEO claim and $6.5 million dollar employment lawsuit (claiming gender discrimination) against a former non-profit employer that she worked for for less than one year in a $65,000 job. Someone must have told her to sue for 100 times her salary. Smart. I'm guessing that Christine did not understand that all of that would become public, thanks to FOIA, if and when she tried to run for office. (How did it end? The employer claimed she was fired because she was pursuing for-profit activities on behalf of herself while on non-profit company time. Christine dropped the lawsuit, claiming she "couldn't afford the legal fees". Sigh.)

Apparently Bill Maher, in his goofy show from the 90's, "Politically Correct" (it aired for 9 years) just kept inviting her back to be one of his 4 panelists because of the outrageous things she would say on his show. She appeared 22 times. Obviously, those clips have come back to haunt her in a funny-political way. I bet she wishes she could burn those tapes. Here's the latest one. it's under media, videos, "Hare Krishnas and Meatballs"


Kelly said...

I'll be so glad when this political "season" is over... only to jump right into the 2012 presidential campaign, I'm sure.


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Pam said...

Like Palin, she's a ditz. Mamy, many of our elected and wannabe-elected politicos make me shake my head and sigh.

Marion said...

I like her and find all the name-calling that goes on in the media to be juvenile and totally unnecessary. If she were a Democrat people would be kissing her "funny" ass. The double standard in our political system makes me sick.

quid said...

I don't think O'Donnell can be taken seriously as a political leader no matter what party she represents.

She was an embarrassment to the Republicans, the state of Delaware, and probably her mommy and daddy.

Thank goodness her 15 minutes of fame are over!