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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Plan Was.....

The plan was to get up early and clean the whole house before football today. The plan failed. I went out early and got my last $1.00 medium iced coffee from McDonald's. I'm hooked on the stuff, and they have had a two week special that ends tonight. Hmmmm...maybe I'll pick up another cup when I go out later. I picked up BOTH Sunday newspapers, yes, everyone, we still have two sort of alive newspapers in the Tampa Bay area. Consuming both of them, and hitting Huffington Post, and the blogs has brought me to the point where I have had the perfect lazy morning. Reading and pursuing reading in all forms (I have a fiction book going, as well)...just vegetating. So. Housekeeping will keep until next week. :)) The Bucs are losing ugly. But, I don't have to watch. Blacked out here due to lack of interest. The second blackout in the 13 years that the new Bucs stadium has existed.

Funny story about yesterday. The new job requires that I work one day a week from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., and the rest day shifts that start at 9 a.m. I'm also required to work one Saturday a month, and for that I get a day the prior week off. I like having some weekday time available, so that is good for me. However, when I went to sleep on Friday, the thought of working the next day floated in front of my eyes. I decided to turn off my usual 5:30 a.m. alarm and set one for 7. A.M. that is. I mistakenly set it to P.M. So, on my first Saturday scheduled, I woke up at 8:35. ARGGHHHH! I immediately went into action mode and was out of the house at 8:50. But it is 24 miles, including a long bridge to the other side of the bay. I hoped to only be 10 minutes late. And I would have been.

Except for one thing. Jumpy and annoyed, I mistakenly took the first exit off the interstate after I crossed the bridge (the bridge is 7 miles long). The wrong exit. I was on 4th street. To my right, I could see the corporate enclave that is just to the east of where I worked. I sailed right past it. No turns. Having rarely been in this part of St. Pete, I took the first right I could find, some 6 miles after my buildings had gone by. I mistakenly got on I-275 headed north again... I could catch the right exit on the other side.

Except, there was no exit. For miles. And then, I was on the bridge again. All the way to the east or Tampa side of the Bay. Turn around. Get back on the bridge for the third time, then be VEWY, VEWWY careful to take the right exit. Follow the exit to the building. Get out of the car and take the long parking lot walk. Arrive 35 minutes late. Sigh.

So, I'm absent-minded, directionally challenged and vegetating away. Messed around with a new format for the blog. I like it. Hope you do, too.


Bob said...

Love the new look. The color red becomes you!

You deserve a break today after your harrowing start to work on Saturday! Glad you can laugh about it . . .

Have had a good football weekend thus far with a big win for our high school Sat. night and another nail biter but dandy win down on the plains at AU.

The Titans are duking it out with the Giants as I write this, tied at 10. If I go 2 for 3, I'm happy but 3-0 will be great.

Bucs can still turn it around; it's early. How about those Rays????? Can you get me post-season tix????

Bob said...

Big win for high school Friday, of course, not Sat. Always proofread!

Kelly said...

That, my friend, is one of the reasons I love living in a small town!! Sorry your Saturday got off to such a frustrating start.

I'm with Bob. You look good in red.

Oh....and I meant to say the other day how much I liked the current magnet in your sidebar!

Pam said...

Well, you nailed the new blog look!!! It's great and suits you to a tee!!!

Your driving fiasco reminde me of the time I took Bryan, Connor and Sam to the Dallas Museum in Fairpark and got lost in Downtown Dallas and ended up in a very iffy part of South Dallas.

Serena said...

Oh, Lord, honey, that sounds like something I'd do. This is why I never travel too far from home alone if I can help it. LOL. I did more vegetating than cleaning this weekend, too. What the heck, we deserved it. I really like the new red look!:)

Debby said...

Well, Quid, I'd say that the new red blog is very nice, but everyone already said it. So let me just say this. It has been my vast experience that housework always keeps. I've let it go many times, and it has never, not once, done itself. Isn't that disappointing?

Marion said...

Welcome to Menopause, the Land of Forgetfulness, Absentmindedness and Scatterbrains. I feel your pain and I never leave the house for weeks (months?) on end. Is there an end to this HELL? (Love the red.) Blessings?!

Valerie said...

I love the red (my favorite color!), but the white font is a bit hard to read.

Wow, what a start to that Saturday!! I've been known to miss exits, too, because of being in deep thoughts. Sigh . :-)