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Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm up early, cooking. I've been assigned the veggies and bread. Of course, I will make the traditional sweet potato biscuits.

Veggies are garlic green beans, eggplant caponate and Marion's family sweet potato souffle. I'm stoked to be cooking!!!!

I thought I would give y'all some insight on the famous Macy's parade, since I have a bit of an insider's view this year. Here you go:

  • Back in the 1920's, Macy's Parade balloons were released into the sky at the end of the parade. The balloons would float around for a few days until they eventually landed. An address label was sewn into each balloon, so whoever found and mailed back the balloon received a $50 gift certificate.

  • From 1942 to 1944, World War II brought the parade to a halt. With the scarcity of rubber and helium at an all time high, balloons were deflated and donated, providing 50 pounds of scrap rubber for the war effort.

  • Macy's has a facility, labeled "Parade Studio", in Hoboken, where the balloons are conceived and designed. The facility used to be a Tootsie Roll factory.

This year in football, there will be 3 games instead of 2. While the league tried its best to present competitive games this year, they wound up with 3 great teams... each in a different game, playing a team with a (yawn) record. Oh, well!

Enjoy your Turkey Day, and may all your families be blessed on this holiday!!


Marion said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Quid!! We're eagerly awaiting the start of the Saints game, full of turkey and stuffed. LOL! The parade was a blast with all the grandkids exclaiming over their favorite characters. xoxo

Love & Blessings,


Pam said...

Hope you've had a happy and FULL Thanksgiving!!! We had a good one here. Just Trish, the boys and me, but the food was excellent and I aso got all the indoor Christmas decorations up and glowing!!!

I got my first really cold weather and just want MORE!!! Plan to deck the outside halls tomorrow or Sat.

Enjoy your football. I did watch the Saints/Cowboys game. My son is a happy turkey, I'm sure! LOL!

raven said...


Thank you for your Thanksgiving wishes and blessings! I hope that you had a very good Thanksgiving.


Kelly said...

Fascinating facts about the parade!

I made Marion's sweet potatoes, too, but without the topping (my kids like marshmallows on top...and granddaughter has a nut allergy).