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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Time for a blogthing....thanks SJ!!!

You'>">You Are Cornbread

What Thanksgiving Sidedish are You?


While some people may find Thanksgiving to be stressful, you are able to kick back and soak it all in.
You have a high threshold for stress, and you prefer to just focus on the parts of Thanksgiving that you love the best.

You may go unnoticed at times, but you are often the glue that holds everything together. People would be unsatisfied if you weren't around.
You are easy going and easy to love. And a lot more interesting than boring old dinner rolls!
What Thanksgiving Side Dish Are You?
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Your Pilgrim Name Is: Humility Tilly

A pilgrim is a wanderer with purpose.


Pam said...

Your Pilgrim Name Is: Love Billington

A pilgrim is a wanderer with purpose.

Kelly said...

You Are Mac and Cheese
You are a soothing and calming force. People can't help but relax and let go when you're around.
You are down to earth and even a little old fashioned. What's good about you never changes.

You may not be the first person people think of at Thanksgiving, but you're always the first one they think of when times are tough.
You are there for people in the best and worst of times. You know how to be supportive and understanding.

Debby said...

Oooh. I hope I'm sweet potato souffle.

And my pilgrim name is something like Prudence, I'll betcha.

*heads off to find out...*

Debby said...

Well, I'm mac and cheese, just like Kelly. My pilgrim name is Love Chilton. Is it my imagination or does that sound like a porn star's name?