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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Keeping busy.....

From Japan to Libya.... tough to keep your eyes off the globe right now.

I've succeeded by filling up my leisure hours with activity. Saw a great concert with Chris Botti last weekend, saw the Rays in a spring training game. And, of course, my annual tournament where I play a lotta basketball.... let me translate that for you. The NCAA plays basketball, I remain a couch potato, but I jump around a lot and scream things like "Go to the right!!!" and "He's open, he's open....!" All while pointing madly.

Here's a still of Botti on stage and an action shot from last week's tournament action. All 4 my Final 4 picks are still alive, but BYU and Arizona could easily go down tonight.

Getting ready for a family wedding, and my daughter and SIL to be will be home next Monday. Can't wait. Also did a dinner and a breakfast with different groups of old friends from Capital One.

One thing I'm avoiding is my tax return. I always have to pay. I don't want to know just how much, just yet. I'm living the life of the solvent, vicariously.


Kelly said...

I bet the Botti concert was fantastic!!

I know you're going to have a great time next week. Enjoy their visit!! Maybe I'll be busy making sauerbraten.

Bob said...

Nothing like March Madness. With a cold, rainy weekend coming up here, it's the perfect setting for being a couch potato. I actually have a few teams left in the mix. Usually by this time my bracket's in the toilet.

Serena said...

Sounds like you've managed to have some fun while keeping busy. I don't blame you for the tax procrastination. Maybe you'll be surprised, though. I had to pay last year, but got money back this time. Enjoy your visit with the kids!