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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Search for the perfect dessert...with low carbs #2

Emerald Cinnamon Roast Almonds are the perfect solution for a low carb dessert. I can eat TWO servings if I want (30 almonds). Although this is a lot of calories (10 calories per almond), I can usually "get by" with about 20, and then this container of almonds (about 165 lasts for 8 nights).

Almonds are a near perfect food with lots of fiber (4 grams in my normal serving) and protein (6.5 grams in my normal serving) along with about 40% of my daily vitamin E. The downside, and the reason there are so many calories, is that they are a little high in fat.

Best of all, my 20 almonds only have 9 carbs! Yes!

I love all things cinnamon, and cinnamon is was once thought to be good for diabetics....more recent studies indicate no correlation between cinnamon intake and low average blood sugar. Nevertheless, it continues to be a favorite. The cinnamon additive in Emerald's product is roasted on the almond, with little or no calories added to the raw food. Emerald sells these nuts in 100 calorie packets (10 almonds, good for the car) or their on-the go canisters, which have 11 servings or 8 "Quido Servings"....easy to use at your desk and in your car, too.

I'm told that the dark chocolate "Cocoa Roast" almonds are even better and that true gourmets pop them in their freezers, and then eat for a burst of flavor, energy. Maybe I'll get around to those.

P. S. Emerald's website is a trip. I'm playing their March Madness brackets game. Wish me luck! I could win with VCU! Check it out:


Kelly said...

I love almonds and I love cinnamon, so these look yummy!!

I have tried the cocoa roast almonds and they're really good. Get some!

Serena said...

Sounds like the perfect dessert/snack. Good luck with the game!:)

Marion said...

I wish I loved nuts, but alas, the only nut I love is Ray.