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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Michelle, ma belle..... the mean girl syndrome

I'm not a big fan of Michelle Bachmann. I'm frankly amazed at the outpouring of praise that the media and even democrats (who want her to be the candidate in the same way they would welcome Palin or Trump) have heaped on Michelle after her noticeably improved appearance at the debate....While that was encouraging for her candidacy, if you have followed Michelle's career at all, it doesn't matter how many evangelical followers, how many conservatives and how much money from all those carpetbaggers like the Koch brothers that Michelle drums up. She will never be president. I'm from Minnesota. I've tracked her career. I know what she has said. I know how many times that outrageous foot will go in that outrageous mouth. She can't make a dent with Hispanics or blacks. She really can't make a dent with the majority of women in this nation. She might win with white men...not sure. I don't want to prejudge them. She can't withstand the heat of the campaign, and she cannot operate on a world stage. She will implode. She will never be nominated.


Bachmann has been savvy enough to realize that the media and the Democrats want to see her have a cat fight with Palin. She won't. No matter how much bait Palin puts out there.

Think about mean girl behavior. Think about planning a "film premiere" Iowa? There, if you're Sarah Palin, you can go to the theater with........ 345 people. Sizeable crowd. Think about making sure that your premiere dovetails with the likely launch date for Michelle Bachmann. So, it was just a coincidence that you tried to upstage her on "her" day? Now think about your secret weapon, if you are Palin. You can't be openly insulting about Bachmann because people will think less of you. So you use the weapon... your not quite 21 year old daughter. I don't make fun of Bristol because I feel sorry for her and feel she's been used all her life. But, she's an adult now. She lives somewhere other than Mommy's house. She makes her own choices. And yesterday, this is what she said about Bachmann:

"I think [Bachmann] dresses a lot like my mom. But a lot, a lot of women have done that the last few years. I do think it's odd, you know, seeing people with red blazers with their hair up with glasses."
"I don't know if she's wearing glasses but you want to be hummmm, do you think that people don't notice you're dressing like my mom?"

Talk about passive aggressive. Talk about a mean girl. Just like mom. Does she really think that Michelle is copying her goofy mother... in how she dresses? (Not that anybody cares).

So, I thought I'd post a clip of Bachmann that I'm particularly fond of. It's from 2006. I think Palin was in her between-mayor and governor period at that point. Don't know and don't care what she looked like, I'm sure Bachmann didn't know her from Adam and certainly wasn't copying a look she'd been wearing . Michelle has cultivated the ladylike suits, jewelry and hair in the 11 years she's been in politics, first as a Minnesota state senator, and, since 2006, in the federal House of Representatives.

In this clip, Michelle wears a ladylike pink suit and ladylike jewelry. The best part, though, is what she says. It should make your jaw drop. Sigh. This type of biased woman is running for President. Help us all. Despite her failings, though, Bachmann does not need the "Palin treatment"...reserved for anyone who upstages Sarah. And neither does the public. I could care less about how Michelle dresses....Sarah, too. I just wish they'd practice "live and let live". (And I'm sure France does, too.)


Marion said...

I'm trying to be neutral at this point so early in the game, but I'm appalled at how many women hate/detest/badmouth women candidates.

Today I heard people comparing her to Sarah Palin because, of all things, "they dress alike". Excuse me and WTF??? We NEVER hear anyone saying this kind of petty, shallow shit about a MALE...EVER!

I wish I could just sleep till the next election, then vote on anyone running against Obama because he in NO WAY represents me, my family or any-damn-thing we've believed in in our entire lives.

Kelly said...

I'm with Marion on wishing I could just sleep until time to vote next fall. I try to pay attention because I know I need to be informed, but I really don't like much of anything I see/hear.

As much as I have NOT been pleased with Obama, I might have to abstain in the next election because I haven't seen anyone worth a "lesser of the evils" vote on my part so far. (and yes, I'm more than willing to look outside the two-party system)