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Saturday, July 23, 2011


This generation's Janis Joplin... life was too much for her in the same way as Janis. Watching her pre-recorded videos pales in comparison to these live performances -- her life force is so much stronger on stage.

A very sad day.


Marion said...

I just posted about her, too. I'm so sad that she is gone. It was horrifying to watch her slowly kill herself with drugs. So sad. I had the quote I posted at my blog in an altered book next to her photo. xoxo

Kelly said...

I find it bizarre how many talents like this have died at the same age. Very sad.

Pam said...

The 27 curse. Sad but hardly unexpected. Good voice but most notable for her drug induced acting out.

How ironic that her best know song was the one saying she won't go to rehab.

Drugs are your enemy, people. They destroy talent, not fuel it.

Serena said...

I think most people expected that this would happen, but it was still a shock. It's so sad that a young woman with so much talent was unable to fight her demons.

Bob said...

I have to admit, I saw her on the Grammys a couple of years ago and just was not impressed. But obviously she had a talent that many found attractive and had the potential for great success. Very, very sad.

raven said...

I still wanted to comment.
It's so very sad. And after I
watched this Youtube of Amy
and listened to several samples,
I am seriously considering to buy
either her album "Frank" or
"Black to Black".