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Monday, July 18, 2011

Slash, Crap and Brutalize

Having watched the Ryan Budget plan lay a big, fat, egg....and, in the throes of an economy teetering on the balance, Republicans led by the distinguished Jim DeMint have come up with Cut, Cap and Balance.... and many of them are wandering around with "HUZZAH!!" painted on their T-Shirts.

I say what I usually do when confronted with extremism... "WHADDAYA, NUTS?"

I spent about an hour analyzing Cut, Cap and Balance , now known as "Slash, Crap and Brutalize", which completely eviserates any type of social program and a big chunk of the military. It guts education, Medicare and Medicaid, and Social Security. Infrastructure improvements and energy innovation will be virtually eliminated. It literally locks Ryan's plan in, but, what is worse, it cements the inability of the country to EVER raise taxes on the rich, return to the tax plans that balanced the budget, or close the tax loopholes. It does so by dictating these "strategies" by Constitutional amendment. The last Constitutional amendment, the 27th, passed in 1992, after being introduced some 203 years before. So you can see what the likelihood is for both this strategy and its outcome to be successful.

The slashing begins in October, 2011. Before the first year of the plan is over, economists estimate that we will have lost 700,000 jobs. Timely. Reasonable. Thoughtful.

It's bullshit. Get serious, people.

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Pam said...

They better get serious and get serious soon!

None of our elected officials are willing to give an inch of what it would take to get some kind of compromise that would benefit the country as a whole and keep us from falling into an economic unknown.

Both sides are intractable, back to back, arms folded while Rome burns.