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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Hiding in Plain Sight

I'm just cookin' biscuits! Lucky for me, someone else

(my fabulous "in laws") are cooking dinner.


Debby said...

Someone set a turkey decoy (used for turkey hunting) in front of their house. It has a sign around it's neck which reads HELP! It was so unexpected it made me burst out laughing.

Bob said...

Wish I could have one of those biscuits. Share your recipe!

Marion said...

LOVE the cartoon. Too funny. You'll have to click on my profile, then scroll down to my dragonfly blog and re-follow me. I screwed them up while re-decorating one night after taking Ambien. LOL! (I'll be reposting lots of the poems I'd saved, thank goodness!) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend. Love & Blessings!! xo

Kelly said...

I'm doing almost all the cooking at my house. Come join us and bring your biscuits!! You (and they) would be welcome!

*still laughing at the picture Debby conjured up in my mind*

Anonymous said...

I hope that you will have
a pleasant Thanksgiving!