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Friday, November 25, 2011

Tune In Friday - Jazz and Country

Kelly and I have been following this group on a TV contest... the "Sing Off". Their origins are simple; they're at Howard University in DC, they're all music majors, and their class decided to form an a capella group. Named "Afro Blue" after the great John Coltrane quartet....they've had to sing in all kinds of styles, probably not showcasing their strength....jazz....very much. Sadly, they didn't make the finals. But enjoy their "country" rendition of "I Need You Now", and their excellent take on Marvin Gaye.


Kelly said...

I was really sorry to see them eliminated as they were clearly better than at least one of the remaining groups, if not two.

Sure hope Pentatonix pulls out the win!!

quid said...

Me too!