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Sunday, November 27, 2011


I'm never sure where some of my dad's colloquialisms came from. I think he made some up, but its possible that the words he used were rooted in Swedish or Danish.

When we had a cold, my dad called it a cold. When we had one of the "everything in my body hurts and is dripping" episodes, he called it, "having a snootful".

I have a snootful. It started after work Friday with just the body aches and chills, and I didn't sleep much. Since that time, all horrendous things that accompany a snootful have arrived. There are the sneezes (I counted yesterday and stopped at 30....big wet sneezes that make your chest rattle.) There is the coldsore on the left corner of my mouth. There is the eye watering. There is the nose blowing, which is much worse today than on Saturday. There are the swollen glands. There is the sore face, where every tooth hurts, along with the bridge of my nose and the areas under my eyes. Whenever I get up from the blankets, there are the shivers and chills. I doze for a couple of hours, and then unfortunately wake up.

I have given up that this is "viral", which is what most doctors tell us, and will go in tomorrow to give antibiotics a try.

Meantime, I have a snootful.


Bob said...

Hope you feel better soon!

I am accustomed to another definition of "snootful" where one imbibes too much and has had a "snootful."

Perhaps a snootful would help your snootful?! Couldn't hurt! :-)

Take good care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you have such a bad
cold. I can all too well understand how very uncomfortable you are feeling (and how it all hurts). And if you get antibiotics. I hope that it will work. Raven

Kelly said...

I hope you found some relief at the doctor's today.

I'm with Bob on the definition of "snootful". And yes, a snootful by our standards might help YOUR snootful!

quid said...

Ha! Bob and Kelly could be right about snootful. As I recall my dad's remedy of choice, it was hot tea, lemon, sugar, and a nice dollop of whiskey.

I settled for a Z pack and some cough medicine.

There are signs of humanity. Small signs, but signs nonetheless. A good night's rest and who knows? I may be among the living tomorrow.


Serena said...

Aw, I'm sorry you've got a snootful and feel so bad. I've heard Bob's definition of "snootful" all my life, and "they" do say it might not help what ails you, but it can't hurt. Feel better soon!