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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hump Day post

With all that's going on in the world...the primaries, the absolute dominance of first Kentucky and then Baylor (while waiting for Rush Limbaugh's comments on the Baylor women) in the NCAA's, the restless detente in Syria, the waiting game on what will happen in the Trayvon Martin case... I was drawn last night to the sheer terror that the tornadoes in Dallas evoked. Much more frightening than the movie... "Twister". Checked on my Dallas peeps last night and all were well, just, well, scared. Who wouldn't be?


Kelly said...

I think those clips showing the 18-wheeler trailers being tossed about like toys will make the record books. Amazing!!

Serena said...

I think tornadoes must be one of the absolute most terrifying things that Nature can do. I hope I'm never caught in one. Glad your Dallas folks are okay!

raven said...

I, too am glad that your
people in Dallas (The Doo
and her family?) are all right
(as I have been very worried
about them too) and I can imagine how scared they are.
As well as that I share your
great concern about all that
happens in the world. Raven
p.s. Even though I do not
comment much, I continue to follow all your posts.