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Sunday, April 29, 2012

"STILL" - a poem from Jon Meredith


by Jon Meredith

you leave me
 in the lofty heights
of your sky.
I watch you
cross the room
and every motion
is God.
your smile
scorches my resolution
to be anything
but yours.
I tangle
in your tresses,
a scent
finer than prayer.
you are
more beautiful than
the moon on water
in Heaven.
I am
in love with you,
and I will be until
my heart is

Haven't seen  or heard from Jon Meredith, a Pearlsoup friend, for several years.  I kept all his poetry that I loved and publish it every once in awhile in the hopes that he'll run across it and get in touch.  Much of his verse was broken-hearted...this particular poem more of a love song than much of his work.  Enjoy.


Marion said...

Wow, that is just beyond awesome. Is Jon posting anywhere? I always loved his amazing poems. xoxo

Kelly said...

This is wonderful. Was he a PS participant? That all seems so long ago....

quid said...


He was known as "Scribe". Marion...can't find him anywhere.


Hal Johnson said...

I THINK Jon friended me on Facebook. I've sent "John Meredith" a couple of private message over the last year or so, but he hasn't answered. His writing would sometimes leave me awe-struck, and I hope life hasn't swallowed him up.

Hal Johnson said...

By the way Marion: I remember that we were friends on Facebook. Did I make you mad? Don't answer if you don't wanna.

Serena said...

I remember him. His poetry just blew me away. Alas, I haven't heard from him in years, either.

Anonymous said...

Quid, Kelly, Marion, Serena and Hal,
Quid, thank you for sharing Jon's beautiful poem, he is a remarkable poet.

I searched the Soup's archives at the Wayback Machine and here is Jon's old profile page at the Soup which lists an email address for him (and you still read several of his poems and prose pearls):

His profile page also has a link to his home page which lists
another email address:


quid said...

I haven't been able to reach him at either, Raven. Thank you for the research!