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Friday, May 4, 2012

Can I Persuade You To Try a Blogthing????

You Persuade People Through Emotion

You hate to admit it, but people make decisions with their hearts. Their heads don't play much role in the equation.
So even though you are cool headed, you know you have to be warm hearted in order to convince people you're right.

You craft your words carefully. You speak to inspire, motivate, and stir up emotions.
You know that once someone wants to be on your side, they'll figure out their own reasons for why.

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Kelly said...

You persuade people through logic.

You feel like facts should be enough to persuade people, and you always focus on making a reasonable argument.

You never appeal to emotion - you feel like it's beneath you. You are much more concerned with evidence.

Once someone is convinced of the facts, you show them the logical steps to reach your conclusion.

You rather have someone totally convinced and persuaded than not, even if it is a lot of work.

Maybe this is why, despite my strong Christain faith, I've never been good at witnessing to it. After all, most religion is not very logical.