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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tampa makes some important history!

Domestic partnerships, both opposite and same sex, have become a standard in our society, no matter how much noise is made to "defend marriage".  Recognizing them for a variety of purposes (in bold in the article below) is so important for people's well being.  Can't tell you how many times a domestic partner is shut out or not recognized by the family of a dying or seriously ill patient in the world famous Cancer Center or in hospices throughout the land.    I'm proud of my adopted city for going in this direction.  

Not known as bastions of civil rights, several counties and cities in Florida have established registries where unmarried coupled (man/woman, man/man, etc.) can register as domestic partners.  

By early July, couples who are 18 or older, not married, not related by blood who live together and consider each other as immediate family will be able to:
• Visit each other in health care facilities in the city.
• Make medical decisions for a partner who is incapacitated.
• Make funeral arrangements for each other.
• Be notified as a family member in an emergency involving a partner.
• Participate in the education of the child of a domestic partner.

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Kelly said...

Sounds like the registry is a step in the right direction for many things.