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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Whole Month Without a Blog Post... How About a Blogthing?

You Are Motivated By Purpose
You are optimistic about the days and years to come. You think things are getting better and better.
You are a visionary. You are a dreamer, but your dreams are less crazy than they seem.

You may not show it easily, but you have a lot of compassion in your heart for others. You care about the world.
You are philosophical and idealistic. You aren't willing to compromise on what's important.


Kelly said...

I got the same as you, but I'm not really sure it fits me that well....

Marion said...

I spent most of July with my head buried in books. It was awesome. (BTW, thanks for the awesome B'day card...I hope you had a great one, too...can you believe how OLD we're getting? LOL! NOT!!) xo

Here's what I got: Mastery

You are persistent to the point of being stubborn. You don't give up. You are both powerful and vulnerable. Your ability to be completely exposed gives you strength.

You know where your core competencies lie. You prefer to focus on what you do best. You tend to only pursue things you're sure to be successful at. You don't like to waste your time.

Bob said...

Have missed you.

Serena said...

Mine says I'm motivated by autonomy. Not so sure about that, but it says:

While you are at ease around others, it's very important that you're able to do your own thing.
You are engaged with the world and with life. You find it easy to get in gear, and you're usually busy.

You are emotionally stable and totally together. You have struck the perfect balance in your life.
You are confident and self-assured. You believe in yourself fully and completely.

Debby said...

Welcome back!

I got the same as you.