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Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympics Hermit

I'm back to old haunts after finishing two weeks of the Olympics, glued to the set.  I'm kinda in limbo, not sure what to do without my nightly dose of volleyball.  I had some favorite pictures lined up to add to this post, but suddenly I can't upload pictures thru Blogger.  Hmmmm.  This will all be a lot less fun if I can't.  My computer and Internet Explorer are just limping along after 5 years, so something about that is the problem.  I tried Google Chrome and it, too, is misbehaving.  Time to think about investing!  At least now I have time to try and find a new computer, since the swimming is over!

Postscript.... got the old computer working and IE upgraded, so I'm set for now.  It allowed me to add pics of the winners of my two favorite events...the women of the USA Gold medal indoor volleyball team (below)... and those two veterans of beach volleyball, now with their 3rd gold medal (above).



Marion said...

Blogger is being a big, fat BITCH lately. I've had troubles with it, too. Maybe after school starts it'll settle down. LOL! I loved watching the beach volleyball and the gymnists. xoxo

Kelly said...

I'm afraid I watched very little - just a bit of swimming and track.

Bob said...

Yep, during the Olympics I'll become addicted to events/sports that I would never give a passing glance at any other time of year. Gymnastics, swimming, diving volleyball (both beach and the traditional kind), archery -- it's all fascinating to me. I'm always sad when the games are over.

Anonymous said...

I loved for instance gymnastics (and
the opening ceremony was fantastic,
regrettably, I missed the closing
As for browers, did you also try
Firefox or Opera?
And as for computers,
at work I have very good
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